The Tennessee Vols need an offensive line coach.

And one with plenty of experience just happened to become available on Monday morning.

The Jacksonville Jaguars fired head coach Doug Marrone on Monday.

I think Pruitt — and athletic director Phillip Fulmer — should be on the phone immediately with Marrone trying to woo him to Knoxville to coach Tennessee’s offensive line.

Is it a longshot that this could happen?


Is Marrone overqualified to be the Vols’ offensive line coach?


(Marrone has been the head coach for the Jaguars, Buffalo Bills, and Syracuse over the last 11 years. He hasn’t been a position coach since 2008 with the New Orleans Saints.)

But that doesn’t mean Tennessee shouldn’t try to make this hire happen.

These are the types of hires that Nick Saban makes every offseason (heck, on Monday it was reported that Saban is trying to hire Bill O’Brien or Adam Gase as Alabama’s new offensive coordinator). If Pruitt is going to stick around in 2021, then he needs some coaches with experience and a proven resume on staff. I can’t think of many resumes better for a position coach than Marrone’s.

The one reason this move has a chance in hell of happening is because of Fulmer. Marrone served as Fulmer’s tight ends and offensive tackles coach at Tennessee in 2001.

So why would Marrone be motivated to take this job?

For one, maybe he wants to take a step back after 11 years as a head coach. Sometimes coaches need a breather before moving on to the next big job.

That’s not the biggest reason I think Marrone could take this job, though.

I think we all know if Pruitt returns in 2021 that he’s squarely on the hot seat. If things go south in 2021, Pruitt will likely be gone.

And if Marrone is on staff, he’d be the obvious choice to be the interim head coach.

It’s certainly possible that Marrone could turn the interim tag into a permanent gig as Tennessee’s head coach (especially if Fulmer is still UT’s athletic director).

Or if things actually go well at Tennessee next year, then Marrone can stick around for a year or two and probably land a gig as a college head coach somewhere.

Regardless of what happens after 2021, I think the addition of Marrone to the staff would make the Vols a better football team.

That’s why I think Fulmer and Pruitt need to find a way to make this move happen.

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