Over the weekend it was reported that an offer was extended by the Tennessee Vols to Oklahoma State’s Mike Yurcich to be the new offensive coordinator on Rocky Top.

It’s unclear when the offer was extended and if Yurcich officially turned it down.

But what is clear is that Oklahoma State won’t engage in a bidding war to keep Yurcich in Stillwater.

Cowboys head coach Mike Gundy, who has used Tennessee for leverage at OSU several times in the past, recently told reporters that Oklahoma State won’t be able to pay Yurcich what other programs might be able to pay him.

From Pistols Firing Blog:

He’s had interest from the NFL,” noted Gundy. “At some point he’s going to move on. He’s at a point in his career that that could happen. We would love to keep him here. We’re not going to be able to pay what other schools will potentially offer him. So if he ever gets a run to be a coordinator at all the schools that are interested in him or maybe move on to the NFL, that’s probably going to be his next move versus … some of the other head coaching jobs you get at levels that are lower pay about a third or a fourth of what these guys are making as coordinators.

To be clear, Oklahoma State can certainly afford to match whatever amount another school would offer Yurcich.

For whatever reason, they’re just not going to match it.

I think Gundy likes Yurcich and I think he wants him to stay. But he probably feels like he can go find another offensive coordinator somewhere and probably pay him less than was Yurcich made in 2018 ($800,000).

The OC search continues…

As the coaching carousel continues, there are more names that could possibly be in the mix to replace Tyson Helton at Tennessee. Major Applewhite was fired as Houston’s head coach on Sunday.

Applewhite was the offensive coordinator at Alabama in 2007, Pruitt’s first season in Tuscaloosa.

There haven’t been any reports linking Applewhite to Tennessee, but I wouldn’t be surprised if his name gets mentioned in the next couple of days.

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