Former Tennessee Vols head coach Butch Jones is reportedly going to be hired by Alabama as an offensive analyst.

Judging by photos of Jones in Alabama gear at the Tide’s pro-day circulating on social media on Wednesday, you’d think the hire was already done.

But apparently that’s not the case.

Nick Saban said during his media availability on Wednesday that Alabama is “interested” in having Jones on staff. He added “I don’t know where that is. We have issues that we need to go through to be able to hire somebody from another school. I haven’t gotten a report on where that is right now.”

When Saban was first asked about Jones, he acted like he didn’t even know who reporters were talking about.

Maybe Saban really didn’t hear the question, but I like to think that was a subtle shot at the former Tennessee head coach (that Saban routinely obliterated on the field).

Anyway, Jones apparently hasn’t been hired by Alabama yet. He’s just hanging around in Bama gear, hoping the deal gets done.

Honestly, it sounds like Saban couldn’t care less whether or not Jones is on the staff next season. This totally sounds like Saban is doing his agent Jimmy Sexton (who is also Jones’ agent) a favor.

By the way, fans had a good time on social media on Wednesday with a photo of Jones chatting with New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick.

Some these captions are pure gold.

Oh boy, Nick Saban has NO CLUE what he’s getting himself into.

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