By now you’ve likely heard about Alabama offensive lineman Brandon Kennedy’s desire to transfer and possibly join the Tennessee Vols’ football program (or Auburn’s).

And you’ve likely also heard that Alabama is blocking Kennedy from transferring within the SEC.

Unsurprisingly Kennedy’s potential transfer was a hot topic at the SEC league meetings in Destin on Tuesday.

Alabama head coach Nick Saban was asked why he was blocking Kennedy from transferring within the SEC. Saban told reporters that it was simply due to the SEC league rules and that it shouldn’t be on him.

Saban is correct that there’s a rule that doesn’t allow players to transfer within the conference without sitting out a year. But that rule has mostly been ignored in recent years.

SEC commissioner Greg Sankey said in 2016 “The standard for granting waivers has been clear and compelling evidence that there is reason for allowing an exception to SEC rules”.

So the only thing blocking Kennedy from having contact with Auburn and Tennessee is Alabama.

Saban recently alluded to the fact that he’s “done it in the past” and also hasn’t.

It seems to me that Saban admits in that statement that it actually is up to him. Which is why it’s “on him” at this point.

Denying Kennedy’s transfer is silly and a total power move by Saban. Kennedy graduated this past December (in only three years) and he should have the ability to freely seek a new opportunity.

I don’t know what point Saban is trying to make, but he’s being a complete jerk about this whole ordeal. It’s obvious the “existing conference rule” can easily be circumvented if Alabama would just relent on their desire to block Kennedy from going where he wants to go.

Hopefully for Kennedy this situation gets resolved sooner rather than later and he’s able to have contact with Auburn and Tennessee (or any other school that would like to pursue him).

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