We all know that Butch Jones failed as the Tennessee Vols’ head coach, otherwise we wouldn’t be talking about Jeremy Pruitt in Knoxville.

But it’s one thing to watch the games on Saturdays and listen to the press conferences on Monday and try to figure out what went wrong. It’s a completely different thing to be in the throes of the fire, as Vols wide receiver Marquez Callaway was this past season.

On Wednesday, Callaway was asked what the biggest difference was between Pruitt and Jones.

According to Callaway, Pruitt is way more disciplined. He said Jones was a “fun” coach who would laugh and cut up with the team, but often-times the team needed a disciplinarian.

It sounds like Jones was more interested in being buddies with his players, instead of leading them as a head coach should.

There’s no doubt Jones was a good recruiter. He built some solid relationships with recruits and he was able to bring some really talented players to Knoxville.

But Jones apparently wasn’t able to flip the switch, in some situations, from friendly recruiter to hard nosed football coach.

If you’ve listened to Pruitt, or followed his career at all, you know that won’t be a problem for Tennessee’s new head coach.

And that’s good news for Vol fans, because Tennessee needs toughness and discipline more than anything right now.

Featured image via USA Today

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