The Tennessee Vols have a pair of linebackers who know how to cook…on and off the field.

It’s easy to forget sometimes that college football players spend most of their time off the football field.

They’re not just football players, they’re people first. And they all have unique personalities and skills away from football.

One set of skills that a pair of Vols linebackers apparently have is cooking — specifically grilling.

Sophomore linebacker Quavaris Crouch revealed on Tuesday during a virtual media session with reporters that he, along with sophomore linebacker Henry To’o To’o, handles the grilling responsibilities for the Vols inside linebacker group.

I think this is pretty cool, though I admit I’m a bit surprised that Crouch and To’o To’o are the ones handling the grilling.

It’s not that I had any reason to doubt their grilling skills (the Crouch/To’o To’o combo probably delivers a nice blend of west coast and southern cuisine), I just assumed linebackers coach Brian Niedermeyer would be the man handling the tongs.

I mean look at that guy, you know he knows his way around a grill.

Featured image via UT Sports/247Sports
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