Former Tennessee Vols head coach Lane Kiffin, who is currently the head coach at FAU, is a lightening rod for controversy.

That shouldn’t be a surprise, considering Kiffin seems to thrive on pushing people’s buttons.

Kiffin also loves to tweet about Tennessee. He only spent a year in Knoxville, but his time as the Vols’ head coach coach was clearly impactful, because he can’t quit thinking (or tweeting) about UT.

On Friday, Kiffin tweeted a photo of himself with legendary former Vols head coach Johnny Majors.

Seems harmless enough.

Except for the fact that Kiffin described Majors as the greatest football coach in Tennessee history and then TAGGED Phillip Fulmer in the tweet.

Major shade.

For the record, Fulmer was 152-52 at Tennessee, while winning a national championship and two SEC championships. Majors was 116-62-8 at UT with three SEC Championships.

We can argue about Fulmer and Majors all day. But the greatest is undoubtedly Robert Neyland, went 173-31-12, while winning four national championships and five SEC championships.

Oh and the stadium the Vols call home is named after him.

Lane brought the heat, but he couldn’t get the facts right.

Somehow, I’m not surprised.

Featured image via Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports
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