Tennessee Vols head coach Jeremy Pruitt doesn’t come across as a guy who likes to have a lot of fun.

Pruitt comes from the Nick Saban coaching tree and it shows. Most of the time, Pruitt comes across as a “no non-sense” football coach who wants nothing to do with anything that doesn’t revolve around football.

But the former Alabama defensive coordinator has a playful side, which he revealed to four-star linebacker Quavaris Crouch during the recruiting process.

Crouch, who signed with Tennessee last month, recently told 247Sports that during his recruitment he played some online Madden with Pruitt. Headset and all.

From 247Sports:

Brian Niedermeyer was the lead recruiter for Crouch and the rapport those two had was second to none, but Pruitt sealed the deal including a game of Madden Football played over the internet which 247Sports learned the 44-year old practiced a couple hours for prior to competing against the coveted target. The two chatted over the headset while playing the EA Sports game and in the end Pruitt’s pregame preparation wasn’t enough.

“I won,” Crouch said, adding, “it was nice man. Amazing just to be able to do that. Not everybody gets the opportunity to do that.”

This just goes to show that we typically only see one facet of Pruitt’s personality — the fiery, serious side.

But there’s a reason that Pruitt has such a great reputation as a recruiter. And I imagine his ability to connect with recruits via their interests is a reason why.

Hopefully for Tennessee’s sake, Pruitt doesn’t get too comfortable calling offensive plays while playing Madden. The Vols don’t need him thinking he can lead the offense and the defense on Saturdays.

Featured image via Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

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