There’s really no comparing Jeremy Pruitt to former Tennessee Vols head coach Derek Dooley.

Pruitt is a complete head coach, whereas Dooley was fun at press conferences (and pretty good at organizing). But that was about it.

The stark differences in the two head coaches, however, didn’t stop Pruitt from almost having a vintage Dooley-like moment this week.

On Thursday night, while discussing Tennessee’s preparedness during the coronavirus pandemic, Pruitt broke out a war analogy.

From 247Sports:

“One thing that I think from a strong leader, everybody’s always watching you, and it’s kind of one of those deals, when I was growing up, I enjoyed watching war movies and things about history. You always hear about the guys that run toward the echo of the cannon. I think that’s something about a leader that you have to do.

“You have to attack adversity, you have to attack crisis and you have to own it, and the best way to do it is to look in the mirror and see how you can fix yourself, and everybody else will follow.”

This immediately brought back memories of Dooley and his infamous “Rommel moment”.

Pruitt’s analogy wasn’t nearly as entertaining as Dooley’s.

But I don’t think Tennessee fans mind. Pruitt is winning where it counts — on the football field.

And I’m pretty sure they’ll take that any day over a fun press conference moment.

Featured image via Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports
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