One of the worst things that can happen to a football team is complacency.

Tennessee Vols head coach Jeremy Pruitt, however, is making sure that complacency won’t become commonplace on Rocky Top.

Pruitt met with the media on Wednesday and explained that just because a player started in week one, doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll start in week two.

I love this approach from Pruitt. This keeps players from growing comfortable in their roles and mailing it in during the week. It’s not like the players are constantly looking over their shoulders, but they know nothing is going to be given to them based on how they played the week before.

Pruitt’s approach is apparently working, because the Vols head coach said he saw a little more “giddy up” from Tennessee’s defensive players at practice this week.

There’s no doubt that Tennessee has a ways to go before they’re at a point where they can compete for the SEC East.

But Pruitt and his staff, despite the outcome of Saturday’s game, have the team on the right path.

While we have no clue how long it will take Pruitt to get the Volunteers to where they need to be, I still feel confident in his ability to get them there.

Featured image via UT Daily Beacon

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