Former Tennessee Vols head coach Butch Jones left such a negative impact during his time in Knoxville that words like “youth” and “resiliency” still give UT fans frightening flashbacks.

Fortunately for Vol fans, Jeremy Pruitt, the man Phillip Fulmer hired to turn Tennessee around, is the opposite of the cliché spewing Jones.

Pruitt is as no-nonsense as it gets. It’s something we’ve discussed ad nauseam at this point, but there are still notable quotes from Pruitt that come up on a weekly basis that are, simply put, refreshing.

Jones spent a great deal of his time at Tennessee telling the media that his team couldn’t use youth as an excuse, while simultaneously using youth as an excuse.

Yeah, Jones kind of talked out of both sides of his mouth.

But not Pruitt. What you see is what is what you get. And what you’re not getting is excuses.

During Vol Calls on Wednesday night, Pruitt was asked about Tennessee’s youth.

His response was beautiful.

Hearing that from Pruitt, after five years of suffering through Butch Jones press conferences, is beyond refreshing.

If Jones is a cold, rainy February afternoon, then Pruitt is a brisk, sunny October Saturday.

I don’t know how many games Pruitt will win at Tennessee, but at least I won’t be flabbergasted after every press conference.

Featured image via Knox News

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