One of the things I’ve learned so far in life is there are two types of people in this world — those who follow through on promises and those who don’t.

Tennessee Vols head coach Jeremy Pruitt is someone who follows through on promises. And we know that thanks to the promises he made during his interview process with Tennessee.

Pruitt assured athletic director Phillip Fulmer that he would bring a great coaching staff with him. He even went as far as telling him the names of some coaches he would bring along with him to Knoxville.

And as we’ve all seen, he delivered.

Fulmer mentioned this during a recent interview with 247Sports, saying “He’s been around some really good coaches at really good places. He knows what it’s supposed to look like. And he followed up with his commitment to me as to who he thought he could bring with him. That’s who showed up, which was good.”

Pruitt has put together a hell of a staff, featuring coaches with years of SEC experience.

The best staff in the country

When Butch Jones was introduced as Tennessee’s head coach in late 2012, he boasted that he would put together the best staff in the nation, saying “I can assure that we will put together the best football staff in the country. Not just the Southeastern Conference, but the entire country.”

That obviously wasn’t the case, as Jones then proceeded to bring most of his assistants from Cincinnati with him to Tennessee.

The lack of follow-through on Jones’ part should’ve been an early sign of the dishonesty that was to come, but I digress.

When Pruitt was introduced as the Vols’ head coach this past December, he didn’t boast about putting together “the best staff in the conference”. He simply said he was going to take his time and find the right guys for the job, even though he pretty much knew who was going to join him in Knoxville.

But that’s just the type of attitude Pruitt has. Get to work and get the job done. Leave the bragging, boasting and marketing to someone else. Pruitt just wants to win football games.

And that’s why he’s the right guy for Tennessee.

Featured image via Tennessee athletics

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