The honeymoon period for Tennessee Vols head coach Jeremy Pruitt is officially over.

Multiple 26 point losses (three to be exact) tend to do that.

While the 26 point losses aren’t ideal, they aren’t exactly surprising. Pruitt inherited a depleted roster that was coming off the worst season in Tennessee history.

Not even the best football coach in the world could suddenly turn the Vols into contenders.

As a result, media analysts are once again preaching patience to Tennessee fans.

Understandably, Vol fans are tired of hearing “it’s going to take time”. They’ve been hearing that for a decade now. Fans want results now. They don’t want to wait any longer.

But that’s not how it works.

What happened before December 7, 2017 has nothing to do with Jeremy Pruitt. He has no control over the past struggles of Tennessee football.

Pruitt has to put in the work to turn Tennessee around. There’s no magic pill he can give his players to suddenly erase years of bad habits. It’s kind of like losing an extreme amount of weight. Drastic results are achievable, but they don’t happen in a week, or even a month. It takes months of consistently working. There are setbacks. There are bad days. But if you keep working hard, and keep focusing on your goal, eventually you’ll get to where you want to be.

That’s what it’s going to take to turn around Tennessee football.

And that’s why it should be comforting to Vol fans that Pruitt is doing exactly what needs to be done to take UT football to the next level — he’s putting in the work. He’s coaching.

When you watch a Pruitt press conference, you don’t see a coach who’s trying to change the perception of the program via the media. He’s not trying put a fresh coat of paint on a broken program. He’s just coaching.

Constantly coaching is the only thing that’s going get the Vols out of the cellar. Coaching through the bad losses. Coaching through the missed assignments and poor execution.

And fortunately for the Vols, that’s the only thing Pruitt seems to care about (aside from family, of course). He’s simply all about football. And helping young players get better.

Pruitt can’t do anymore than what he’s doing right now. Trust the process and soon you’ll see Tennessee football flourish.

Featured image via Times Free Press
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