Tennessee Vols head coach Jeremy Pruitt made a quote after UT’s loss to Alabama last weekend that raised some eyebrows.

After the Vols’ 48-17 loss to Bama, Pruitt told reporters that he thinks the gap is closing between Tennessee and the Crimson Tide.

“I can assure you that the gap is closing,” said Pruitt. “It might not show on the scoreboard today, but the gap is closing. I can assure you that.”

Pruitt’s comments sounded exactly like something former Vols head coach Butch Jones would’ve said during his tenure in Knoxville.

Claiming improvement without any visible evidence.

Pruitt, however, was wise enough this week to walk back the comments.

On Wednesday, during a virtual media session with reporters, Pruitt clarified his statement.

Here’s Pruitt’s full quote:

The most important thing is on the scoreboard, which has not showed up, so that’s the most important thing and it hasn’t showed up there. But to me, I was very familiar with that program (Alabama) and when I got here I knew exactly what the difference was within the two programs, and I would say three years later I’m still pretty familiar with that one and I know where this program kind of is right now. The thing we have to do as a program is it has to show up on gameday and it didn’t this past Saturday. That’s the most important thing, so that is something we have got to continue to work on to help fix and our guys are doing that.

I don’t know what the future holds for Tennessee, but this is a good sign for Vol fans.

Pruitt at least has the self-awareness to read the fan base and know when he’s said something that irks fans.

Jones never had that.

Self-awareness is an important quality in a head coach. Pruitt has continued to prove it’s a quality he possesses.

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