I never thought I’d be writing this, but Tennessee Vols head coach Jeremy Pruitt sounded a lot like Butch Jones on Saturday night.

Yeah. It’s come to this.

On Saturday, after the Vols lost to Auburn (UT’s fifth straight loss this season), Pruitt uttered a line that sounded like it came straight from the lips of Butch Jones.

Pruitt, who was discussing the quarterback situation, said he texted sophomore quarterback Brian Maurer, who didn’t make the trip to Auburn, and told him that if Tennessee beat the Tigers it would because of the look Maurer provided this week on the scout team in practice.

The third-year Vol head coach then said that Maurer had a “phenomenal” week of practice.

Again, Maurer didn’t make the trip.

Pruitt has continually said that the players who practice the best are the ones who play on Saturday.

But Maurer, despite his “phenomenal” week of practice, didn’t even make the trip?

It doesn’t make sense.

The wheels are falling off for Pruitt. When you start sounding like Butch Jones, the end is near.

I hope Pruitt miraculously figures it out because Tennessee coaching searches are exhausting. But I think we all know that another coaching search is inevitable at this point.

Featured image via Knoxville News Sentinel-USA TODAY NETWORK

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