Tennessee Vols head coach Jeremy Pruitt has proved to be a head coach that is transparent and true to his word.

It’s why he’s publicly commented about sophomore Jeremy Banks’ desire to play running back.

Banks is currently playing linebacker for the Vols, but his wish is to play at running back.

But if you watched Tennessee’s win against Chattanooga on Saturday, it’s pretty clear that Banks needs to play linebacker.

And everyone seems to know it — especially Pruitt.

After an interception in the win, Banks was tackled by an offensive player. Pruitt made sure to point out to Banks that a good running back would’ve made the player miss.

Pruitt isn’t only person involved in Tennessee’s football program, by the way, who thinks Banks would be better served playing at linebacker.

Daniel Bituli, UT’s defensive leader, also thinks Banks should make the permanent move to linebacker.

So what does Pruitt do moving forward?

Does he move Banks, against his will, to linebacker for good? Or does he cave to Banks’ desires?

Based on what we’ve seen from Pruitt, I don’t think he’ll force Banks to make the change. But it’s obvious it’s what needs to happens.

I think Pruitt should tell Banks, who had three tackles and two interceptions on Saturday, that he probably won’t see the field much as a running back, and that his path to playing time is via the linebacker position. I’d also mention the NFL as a possibility, because I think it’s apparent that Banks has the talent and intensity to play football beyond college.

It’s definitely a tough spot for Pruitt to be in. He has to put the team first, but he also has to honor his word.

I guess that’s why he’s getting paid nearly $4 million a year.

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