Tennessee Vols head coach Jeremy Pruitt, along with every other head coach in the nation, is facing an incredibly strange situation right now.

The Vols should be in the midst of spring practice. But instead, because of the ongoing shutdown due to the coronavirus outbreak, Pruitt and his staff are separated from their entire team….indefinitely.

Pruitt, however, says he and his staff are in constant contact with their players.

Tennessee’s head coach, who recently talked with the SEC Network’s Cole Cubelic, said he spoke with all of the players on the roster last weekend, and the conversations had nothing to do with football. Pruitt, who said he simply misses being “around the guys”, called it a “health and wellness check”.

Tennessee Vols

Beyond that, Pruitt said that UT’s position coaches are checking in every morning on their players when they’re getting their day started. And then they check in again with the players at night before bed. Pruitt said his staff is in “constant” contact with the players.

It’s not an ideal situation, but Pruitt and his staff are doing the right thing by trying to communicate with the players as often as possible.

Pruitt added that he’s taking things day by day and not trying to predict when things will get back to normal. He’s instead focusing on making sure his players and their families are as safe as possible during these trying times.

Featured image via USA Today/Randy Sartin

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