Former Tennessee Vols head coach Butch Jones isn’t a popular man in East Tennessee.

That shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering Jones helped deliver the worst season in Tennessee football history.

But that’s not the main reason there’s so much disdain for Jones among the Vol faithful.

The dislike of Jones is mostly due to his odd personality. He lacks any self-awareness or ability to own up to his mistakes.

Fortunately for Tennessee fans, new head coach Jeremy Pruitt is the polar opposite of Jones.

Pruitt doesn’t make excuses or sugarcoat things like Jones did.

We saw a perfect example of Pruitt not making excuses on Monday during his weekly press conference.

During the Volunteers’ loss to South Carolina on Saturday night, the referees missed a major call. Somehow, they missed an obvious fumble.

On Monday, Pruitt said it was definitely a fumble.

But Pruitt didn’t blame the loss on the missed call, even though it likely cost Tennessee the game.

Instead, Pruitt pointed out the areas where the Vols should’ve performed better.

That has to be refreshing for Vol fans to hear. Pruitt has no time for excuses. “It is what it is” might as well be his life motto.

By the way, Pruitt offered a great solution for goal line reviews.

Pruitt doesn’t hesitate to use the media to get a message across to decision makers. He did it at Georgia with their indoor practice facility and it looks like he’s doing it now with goal line cameras. I wouldn’t be shocked if this is a thing that happens because of Pruitt’s comments.

No excuse mentality wasn’t the only refreshing trait Pruitt displayed on Monday

Another great trait that Pruitt displayed on Monday, which we already knew he possessed,  is his honest approach with his players.

Pruitt told reporters that he tells quarterback Keller Chryst before every game what the plan for the Stanford transfer is. He said he’d never promise a kid something and then not deliver.

That’s another area where Pruitt and Jones have much different approaches. Jones had no problem making promises to players with no intentions of keeping them (just ask Jalen Hurd, or Jarrett Guarantano after last year’s season opener against Georgia Tech).

It seems obvious, but hiring the exact opposite of Butch Jones was the best move the Vols have made in years.

Featured image via Jeff Blake/USA Today

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