Tennessee Vols head coach Jeremy Pruitt is sticking with redshirt junior Jarrett Guarantano at quarterback, despite his poor play over the first two weeks of the season.

It seems like a curious decision by Pruitt, who hasn’t hesitated to play young players during his first two years at Tennessee.

Guarantano clearly isn’t getting the job done at quarterback. His performance against BYU was so bad at times that offensive coordinator Jim Chaney essentially stopped calling passing plays late in the game (at one point, 9-of-11 play calls were runs).

So why is Pruitt determined to stick with Guarantano?

Well, it’s obviously because Pruitt doesn’t believe there’s a better option on the roster. He said as much on Monday during his weekly media session with reporters.

It seems like Pruitt simply believes true freshman Brian Maurer and redshirt freshman JT Shrout aren’t ready.

Pruitt told a gathered crowd at the Knoxville QB club on Monday that Maurer is a fantastic athlete who runs around a 4.60.

That seems like something the Vols could use right now, considering Guarantano’s inability to make plays with his legs when things break down.

But Pruitt alluded to the fact that Maurer played in an up-tempo spread offense in high school, which is far from what the Vols are running. It seems like Pruitt thinks Maurer needs more time to adjust to Tennessee’s offense before he plays.

As for Shrout, well he’s still making too many mistakes in practice according to Pruitt.

In the case of Shrout, I totally understand why Pruitt isn’t giving him a chance just yet.

If Shrout is having turnover problems in practice, it’s not going to be better in a game. If a quarterback doesn’t see the field well in practice, there’s no reason to believe it’ll be better during a game. In fact, it will probably be worse (just look at Guarantano, who practices well then fails to see the field very well during games).

I’m still of the opinion that Maurer deserves a chance to show what he can do. Maybe he’ll get that chance if Tennessee manages to build a large lead against Chattanooga.

Then again, the way the season has started, just winning the game against Chattanooga is a big enough challenge for the Vols.

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