Earlier this week, we learned that Tennessee Vols head coach Jeremy Pruitt moved true freshman running back Jeremy Banks to linebacker.

It’s a move that seems brilliant on Pruitt’s part. Banks doesn’t shy away from contact and he brings a ton of energy to the field. Those attributes, combined with his inability to hang onto the ball on offense, makes him an ideal choice to play on the defensive side of the ball at linebacker.

But that’s not the only reason Pruitt moved Banks to linebacker.

On Wednesday, after Tennessee’s practice, Pruitt expounded on his decision to move Banks to linebacker.

The Vols’ first year head coach told reporters that Banks asked at the end of the Georgia game to move to linebacker.

Pruitt went on to say he wouldn’t make a guy move if that wasn’t what the player wanted to do.

This should be music to the ears of Vol fans.

Former UT head coach Butch Jones didn’t adhere to this same policy. When Jalen Hurd wanted to move from running back to more a hybrid wide receiver type role, Jones said no. As a result, Hurd left the program and he’s found great success at Baylor as a wide receiver.

This obviously won’t be an issue under Pruitt, who clearly has no desire to move a player somewhere they don’t want to be.

Not only will this create a better team environment and culture, it’s also great for recruiting.

Talented recruits are paying attention to what Pruitt is doing this year and how he’s running his team. If they see a program that allows players to develop into the type of player they hope to be, it might sway them to Tennessee.

Pruitt is a demanding coach that knows how to get the most out of his players. But he’s also a coach that wants the best for his players. And Pruitt’s not so stubborn that he thinks he knows a player better than they know themselves.

That’s absolutely a recipe for success when it comes to on-the-field results and recruiting.

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