Tennessee Vols head coach Jeremy Pruitt probably didn’t mean to, but he threw some shade toward his former boss Nick Saban on Monday.

During Pruitt’s weekly Monday media session, he told reporters “it’s easy to coach the best team in the country”.

Alabama clearly has the most talent in the country, so Pruitt is essentially calling Saban’s job “easy”.

Of course, that’s probably not what Pruitt was trying to say. It takes years of hard work to get to where Saban’s at with Alabama.

But it’s also a valid point. Saban likely wouldn’t be as dominant with anyone else’s roster in the nation.

You can only coach players so much. At some point, elite talent and athleticism has to be present for a team to dominate the way Alabama has over the last decade.

If Pruitt had taken over as Alabama’s head coach this past off-season, they’d probably have the same record as they do right now.

And if Saban had taken over at Tennessee, the Vols would likely still be 3-4.

It’s truly hard to gauge if Saban has the best football mind in college football, or if he’s just the benefactor of having the best players. Without a level playing field, we’ll probably never know.

But I’d wager that many coaches in today’s game would have similar success to Saban if they had the same players and opportunities.

Featured image via USA Today

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