Tennessee Vols quarterback Jarrett Guarantano’s first career start against the Florida Gators didn’t go very well last year.

The redshirt junior quarterback finished the game 7-of-18 for 164 yards and two interceptions (the only multi-interception game of Guarantano’s career) in a 47-21 loss.

Earlier this year, Florida linebacker David Reese told reporters that Guarantano was the only quarterback he’s ever felt sorry for in his career. Reese said that Guarantano “looked like he had enough by the second half”.

If you’re wondering if Guarantano heard those comments, he most certainly did.

And he was asked about it on Tuesday.

A reporter asked the New Jersey native if his confidence had changed since the Florida game last season. Guarantano simply replied that his confidence is “still the same”.

If you watch the video (below) of the exchange, you can tell by Guarantano’s body language that Reese’s comments made an impact. Guarantano looked like a player who is more than ready to exact some revenge.

That smirk from Guarantano says it all — he heard the comments and he wants to make Reese eat his words.

Guarantano will have to play the best game of his career for the Vols to upset Florida. But he’ll have plenty of motivation to help get the job done.

Featured image via Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

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