Earlier this offseason, quarterback Jarrett Guarantano announced his intentions to return to the Tennessee Vols for his final season of eligibility.

Guarantano said he had “unfinished business at UT”.

The unfinished business that JG has in mind?

Apparently, he plans on winning the SEC East with the Vols this season.

In early June, Guarantano replied to a tweet of mine where I said Tennessee would play in 13 games. JG made it clear that the Vols would play in 14 games (indicating a trip to the SEC championship game).

On Sunday evening, Guarantano doubled down on that claim by tweeting a picture of himself with the date December 5, 2020.

The significance of December 5?

That’s the date of the SEC Championship game.

Tennessee is expected to finish third in the SEC East behind Georgia and Florida. No one is really giving the Vols a chance to compete for the division.

But it’s obvious that the goal for the players is to win the SEC East, which speaks to the changing culture on Rocky Top.

I know there’s a section of Vol fans that aren’t huge fans of Guarantano, because of his inconsistent play over the years, but it’s extremely likely he’ll be Tennessee’s starting quarterback in 2020.

And this is exactly the attitude you want to see from your starting quarterback.

I don’t know what kind of play we’ll see from JG in 2020, but at least his head is in the right place.

Featured image via Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

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