The 2020 college football season is going to be unlike any season we’ve ever seen before, but despite the changes, one expectation remains in place — the Tennessee Vols should take a step forward in Jeremy Pruitt’s third season at the helm.

Tennessee’s schedule won’t be easy — the Vols added Texas A&M and Auburn to an already tough schedule — but regardless of the final record in 2020, the expectation is that UT performs at a higher level on the field.

With fall camp underway this week, we’re getting the first reports/comments about how the Vols look on the practice field.

If you listen to Tennessee’s offensive players, the Vols’ offense is ahead of the defense right now.

“The offense really won today. The defensive players are going to say they won, but the offense really won today,” said sophomore running back Eric Gray this week. “Don’t let nobody tell you any different. But yeah, today was good.”

Tennessee Vols

There’s some dispute over whether or not the offense actually won, though.

Sophomore linebacker Quavaris Crouch took to Instagram to dispute Gray’s claims.

“To be honest, I’m just confused why Eric Gray think the offense won today when they certainly didn’t. That’s just one thing I don’t like,” said Crouch.

(The irony here is that Crouch sometimes comes in games to play running back in short-yardage situations).

I’m not sure who is correct here (media isn’t allowed to view practice this fall). And it really doesn’t matter. Either way, the back and forth is a great sign. Not only can you see how the culture has changed at Tennessee (players taking pride in winning practice), but you also see the intense competition between the offense and the defense.

If these players are competing this hard in practice, imagine what it’s going to be like on Saturdays this fall.

Tennessee is fixing to turn a corner under Pruitt. And it’s never been more apparent than it is right now.

Featured image via Randy Sartin/USA TODAY
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