Alabama head coach Nick Saban’s pick-up basketball games that involve his assistant coaches and support staff have become somewhat legendary over the years.

ESPN’s Marty Smith recently took an in-depth look at the super secret “league” in a video that’s definitely worth checking out.

While the details of Saban’s league are scarce, there’s a new story, involving Jeremy Pruitt, a former Saban assistant, that was revealed recently in an ESPN article.

Apparently, when Pruitt first start playing in Saban’s league, he was too good. So good, in fact, that Saban quickly moved the future Vols head coach to his team.

From ESPN:

Jeremy Pruitt, who will go on to coach Tennessee, is twice a member of Saban’s staff. He plays well when he first joins the game, scores a few baskets, blowing by the man guarding him. Suddenly, Saban stops the game. He points to the assistant guarding Pruitt. “You and Jeremy swap,” he says. “Jeremy is on my team.”

I doubt Pruitt’s basketball savviness will help him as a head football coach. But it’s certainly hilarious to hear that he was good enough that Saban wasn’t willing to play against him.

Then again, Saban has a history of stacking the deck in his favor.

Featured image via Daily Times


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