The Tennessee Vols haven’t played very well this season.

As a result, Vols head coach Jeremy Pruitt is taking some heat.

But unlike previous Tennessee head coaches, Pruitt can handle it.

On Wednesday night, during Vol calls, Pruitt was confronted by a caller who wasn’t happy with how Tennessee’s played under Pruitt.

“Lot of us fans want to know, when you gonna admit you’re not a ball coach and go back to Alabama,” said Phillip from Wartburg to the third-year Vols head coach.

Pruitt didn’t get flustered with the question. He didn’t get defensive. Instead, Pruitt gave a quality response that showed confidence and patience.

“Well, Phillip, you’ve got to know I’m pretty hard-headed, right? And you know, I do feel like that there’s probably things we all can improve on,” responded Pruitt. “I feel your frustration, man. I’m with you. I’m frustrated, too. But we’re working hard, aight, and we’re going to continue to work hard to put a product out there that you’ll be proud of, how about that?”

This is a far cry from what we heard when things starting getting tough for Butch Jones in 2017.

When Jones was confronted with tough questions about the status of the program, he’d throw some out some ridiculous comments that just made things worse.

Remember this gem?

At least Pruitt isn’t spouting out nonsense like Jones did on a regular basis.

Though I’m not sure fans really care what Pruitt says — they just want to see wins and competitive games against top rivals.

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