The Tennessee Vols are enjoying some incredible success under Gus Duggerton.

Tennessee went 4-8 in 2016, which inevitably led to a coaching change. Coach Duggs was hired and in his first season, he has the Vols in the 2017 National Championship game (against Virginia Tech).

That’s an unprecedented turnaround.

As a result, Tennessee is ready to hand Duggerton a lifetime contract.

Coach Duggs, unsurprisingly, is torn.

Duggerton hasn’t stayed at a job for more than a year so far in his career. And while he originally stated that his plan was to stay at UT for at least two eyars, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Coach Duggs move on to another challenge.

Plus, we also know that he has his eye on the Wisconsin job.

I’d be shocked if Duggerton actually agreed to this deal. He has a wandering soul and it wouldn’t be like him to put down roots.

Of course, if he manages to lead the Vols to a win against Virginia Tech in the natty, fans will be more willing to forgive him if he bolts after just one season.

(Note to Lane Kiffin: if you win a lot, the fans are more forgiving when you leave.)


Coach Duggs responded to Brett McMurphy’s report.

The non-denial is never a good sign.

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