Former Alabama director of player development Kerry Stevenson recently left Tuscaloosa to join Tennessee Vols head coach Jeremy Pruitt’s staff in Knoxville.

According to, Stevenson, who doesn’t have an official title at Tennessee, will work as Pruitt’s “personal assistant” at UT.

Essentially, Stevenson will be a “jack of all trades” for Pruitt.

So why did Stevenson leave Nick Saban’s side to join Tennessee’s staff?


Stevenson told that his close friendship with Pruitt is what led him to Knoxville.

He also has a lot of faith that Pruitt will turn the Vols’ football program around. And it’s because he believes that Pruitt will be able to close the talent gap between Alabama and Tennessee, saying “As far as talent, I know coach Pruitt did a heck of a job recruiting. The longer he’s here, the gap is going to close.”

Stevenson also pointed out something Pruitt does better than Saban.

According to Stevenson, Pruitt connects better with players.

Apparently the closed off vibe Pruitt gives to reporters is left behind in the media room. Stevenson said of his first observed interaction with Tennessee’s head coach with his players, “He asked how their mothers were doing. He knows their mothers’ names.”

Stevenson added “he’s more personable”.

It’s not often that any college football coach does something better than Saban, who is arguably the greatest college football coach of all time.

But it looks like Pruitt has him beat in at least one area.

Who knows what the future holds. Pruitt is still in the earliest stages of his head coaching career. It’s way too early to predict how his career will go, but he absolutely has the potential to be great.

Either way, swiping recruits and staffers from Alabama is certainly a good way to start a coaching career.

Featured image via Bryan Lynn-USA TODAY Sports
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