Tennessee Vols head coach Jeremy has spent most of his life as an “Alabama guy”.

Pruitt grew up in Alabama, played college football at Alabama, coached high school football in Alabama and spent nine years as an assistant at Alabama (including a stint as a graduate assistant in 1997).

But that stage of his life is over.

Like for real over.

Pruitt is a Tennessee guy now. He’s all Vol. He left the Crimson Tide in the past.


Pruitt was asked by Dan Patrick on Wednesday morning if he has any Alabama gear left.

“No, I don’t,” was Pruitt’s response.

The UT head coach said he gave all his Bama gear away to friends.

Take a good look at this photo of Pruitt in Alabama gear, because it’s the last one that exists.

Well, for now at least….

Featured image via USA Today

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