Tennessee Vols head coach Jeremy Pruitt is essentially coaching for his job against Vanderbilt this weekend.

And that’s completely absurd.

A head coach at Tennessee should never ever be coaching for their job against Vandy. If it gets to the point that the game against Vandy is a “toss-up” — especially in year three — then the coach has to be fired. It’s over at that point.

I think this tweet from Charlie Burris, my Big Orange Podcast co-host, explains perfectly why Pruitt coaching for his job against the Commodores is ridiculous.

Tennessee Vols

If this is where the program is in year three, why does anyone think it will get better?

Vanderbilt is terrible this year. This game shouldn’t be close. And maybe it won’t be. But even if the Vols blow out Vandy, it should mean nothing when it comes to Pruitt’s job status.

A head coach at Tennessee should be judged on how they perform against Alabama, Florida and Georgia.

And against those teams, Pruitt has been terrible.

The Vols aren’t going to compete for championships again until they change their mindset. Beating Vandy shouldn’t give anyone job security. That security should only come from beating (or in Pruitt’s case, at least being competitive) against the upper echelon of the SEC.

If Tennessee continues to set its sights low, it will continue to be an underwhelming program.

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