Preseason rankings don’t mean anything….like at all.

The only thing they’re good for is hyping early-season matchups.

An early-season game between Alabama and Utah wouldn’t generate much hype. But put a No. 25 beside Utah and suddenly the matchup has a bit more intrigue. Of course, that intrigue quickly fades when Utah is suddenly down by three scores in the first half.

So like I said, preseason rankings are pointless. They shouldn’t even be discussed because they’re completely arbitrary.

But sometimes you see rankings so asinine that something has to be said.

And that’s the case with the preseason rankings from College Football News.

They have Tennessee at No. 28 in their rankings, which I think is reasonable. The Vols still have a lot to prove after their shaky start to the 2019 season. I think they’re a fringe top 25 team, so this seems about right.

It’s some of the SEC teams ahead of Tennessee that makes me question these rankings.

College Football News has Kentucky at No. 25 and Mississippi State at No. 24.

Both of those teams lost to the Vols last season.

Tennessee Vols

Now, putting Kentucky at No. 25 isn’t that big of an issue. I think Tennessee is better than the Wildcats, but there are plenty of folks out there who see it the other way. It’s close enough that I can see a writer outside of the UT bubble going with UK instead.

It’s Mississippi State at No. 24 that really makes me question the writer who put these rankings together.

The Bulldogs lost to a Tennessee team last year that refused to even let Jarrett Guarantano pass the ball in the second half. Plus there’s the fact that Mississippi State fired their head coach and hired Mike Leach.

I like Leach, but he’s never been a head coach in the SEC. And he has some rebuilding to do. There’s absolutely no way a Mississippi State team with a new head coach, coming off a 6-7 year, should be considered a top 25 team — especially if you’re going to have Tennessee outside of the top 25.

Ultimately, this is just another example of why we should ignore preseason rankings.

But sometimes they’re just too bad to not address them.

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