Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey, one of the best defensive backs in the NFL, isn’t the least bit afraid to share his thoughts on anyone.

You might not like Ramsey, but he’s brutally honest.

Earlier this off-season, Ramsey slammed NFL quarterbacks Josh Allen, Matt Ryan and Eli Manning (and several others).

Ramsey, who played at Florida State, also burned his former college head coach, Jimbo Fisher, on Twitter during the off-season.

If Ramsey doesn’t like someone, or he thinks they’re “trash”, he isn’t going to hesitate to say it.

Essentially, he does not like giving folks credit unless he absolutely believes they deserve it.

In a recent interview with ESPN, Ramsey spoke on a wide range of topics. He told the reporter that he wasn’t “missing much” when it came to Jimbo Fisher.

When the top of Tennessee Vols head coach Jeremy Pruitt (Ramsey’s defensive coordinator and position coach in 2013) came up, Ramsey didn’t hurl any barbs his way.

From ESPN:

He started from day one, the first Florida State cornerback to start as a true freshman since Sanders. “I expected to, and Coach [Jeremy] Pruitt expected me to,” he says of his defensive coordinator. “Nobody else did.” The obvious omission is former head coach Jimbo Fisher, now at Texas A&M. In February, when an A&M assistant tweeted a graphic touting Fisher’s record with defensive backs, Ramsey clapped back online: “He didn’t teach me not one DB technique …”

Another interesting part of the interview is what Charles Kelly (currently Tennessee’s safeties coach, previously the defensive coordinator at FSU) said about an incident between Ramsey and Fisher.

During Ramsey’s sophomore year, Fisher once reamed him out after he pushed a blocker into quarterback Jameis Winston, kicking him out of practice. When I bring up the incident, Ramsey starts fiddling with his phone. “Here it is — I’ve got the video,” he says. He also saved a screenshot of the SportsCenter news alert.

FSU’s defensive coordinator that year, Charles Kelly, now works on Pruitt’s staff at Tennessee, coaching special teams and safeties. He downplays Ramsey’s ejection (“He was competing on a play — he doesn’t know but one speed”) and says Ramsey’s personality was perfect for his position. “You’ve got to be the most mentally tough person on the field,” he says. “If you make a mistake, everybody in the stands knows it.” Great cornerbacks, Kelly says, have big egos and short memories; they possess a singular ability to block out noise.

One more addition to the Pruitt/Ramsey file before I get to my point.

Here’s what Ramsey said about Pruitt when Tennessee hired the former defensive coordinator back in December.

“Coach P was one of my favorite coaches because he had a good balance of work and play. When it was time to focus on football, we definitely focused on football but when it was time to have fun like on game days and maybe special holidays, we had fun as a family. Coach always made sure we were taken care of and made sure that we stayed on top of our game and our academics in the classroom. Coach helped bring a national championship to Florida State and I appreciate him for that. I was never a Tennessee Volunteer fan growing up and that’s a main reason I didn’t go there, but now I hope nothing but the best for their program and Coach Pruitt. Maybe I would have made a different decision back then.”

It’s clear that Ramsey has a great deal of respect for Pruitt. And it’s also clear that Pruitt and his defensive staff love players like Ramsey. That’s the type of players they’re recruiting to Tennessee (and it’s how they’re coaching the players currently on the roster).

If you’re a Vols fan, that should excited you. That’s a championship winning mentality.

Tennessee’s going to get the talent. They currently have the No. 9 2019 recruiting class in the nation, coming off a 4-8 season. They’re only going to recruit better once some wins start piling up.

And now they have a staff full of coaches that have proved their ability to develop players.

Get excited Tennessee fans, you deserve it.

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