If you’re a college football fan, you already know the Tennessee Vols’ last few coaching hires have been terrible.

We don’t need any new evidence to confirm this. It’s a fact. Plain and simple.

But it seems like nearly every day we get a reminder of just how terrible those hires were. Whether it’s one of Butch Jones’ former players that was barely used at UT finding success in the NFL, or a stupid quote from Derek Dooley that resurfaces, there are constantly reminders that pop up of the ineptitude that Tennessee’s football program has endured over the last ten years.

One such reminder occurred this week, when Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Cole Beasley let a juicy quote fly.

In case you forgot, former Vols head coach Derek Dooley has been Beasley’s wide receivers coach for the past five seasons. Dooley was hired by Missouri in January to be the Tigers’ new offensive coordinator.

Beasley’s revelation that Dooley didn’t teach the Dallas wide receivers how to run routes isn’t all that surprising. This is the same coach who told a Dallas radio show in 2013 of Dez Bryant “Go down there about 12 yards and do that thing you do. I can’t really understand it or describe it, but it works and you’re good at it.”

No wonder the Vols were so bad from 2010-2012. They had a complete buffoon in charge of the football program. I mean, this guy was a wide receivers coach in the NFL and he didn’t even work on them with their routes. That’s HIS MAIN JOB.

It’s incredible Dallas kept him around as long as they did.

By the way, if you’re thinking about defending Dooley because of how successful Tennessee’s offense was in 2012, don’t. That was entirely thanks to offensive coordinator Jim Chaney and the ridiculous talent the Vols had at the skill positions (mainly Tyler Bray, Cordarrelle Patterson, Justin Hunter and Mychal Rivera).

Dooley was a bad head coach and he was a bad wide receivers coach.

I can’t imagine what awaits the Missouri offense in 2018.

Featured image via USA Today

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