Over the last week, I’ve seen several comments on social media begging for Tennessee Vols athletic director Danny White to make a public comment about the injury that occurred to UT forward John Fulkerson in the SEC Tournament.

Fulkerson was diagnosed with a concussion and a facial fracture after he was on the receiving end of a brutal elbow from Florida Gators forward Omar Payne.

Payne was ejected from the game.

Typically, fans wouldn’t care about the thoughts of the athletic director in a situation like this.

But this isn’t a typical situation.

White’s brother is Gators head coach Mike White, which makes this a bit of an awkward situation. 

I’m guessing if Danny White wasn’t the brother of Florida’s head coach, then we wouldn’t see these kinds of tweets.

Ultimately, I think White has been wise to stay silent (publicly at least).

For one, Fulkerson and the Vols have moved on from the incident.

“In the heat of battle, again, sometimes emotions can bring the worst out of you sometimes,” said Vols head coach Rick Barnes this week. “But, yeah, it’s over with. It’s done with. We’ll get on down the road.”

If the team has moved on, then fans should move on too. White publicly calling out the SEC to suspend Payne isn’t going to help the situation.

Now, is that a conversation that should happen behind closed doors?

Sure. It absolutely is. What Payne did to Fulkerson has no place in college basketball. But White getting in a public war of words with the conference (or Florida) isn’t going to help Tennessee in any way. In fact, it could hurt the program when it comes to future conference issues.

This isn’t White’s first rodeo. He knows how to handle tough situations. And I’m confident he’ll handle this situation just fine behind the scenes.

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