When the Tennessee Vols decided to hit cancel on their pending hire of Greg Schiano in 2017, they unwittingly pit “Vol Twitter” against the national media.

A few members of the national media decided to slam Vol fans for protesting the potential hire of Schiano. The national media argued that Schiano was a great coach, despite the fact that he was one game over .500 during his time at Rutgers and he was fired as the head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Schiano, who was replaced as Ohio State’s defensive coordinator on Monday, was a bad fit at Tennessee for a lot of reasons. Among those reason is that he’s just not a very good coach. He’s an adequate coach, sure. But he wasn’t the guy who was going to turn the Vols’ football program around.

Some folks might argue that whether or not Schiano would’ve been successful at Tennessee is a matter of opinion.

But there is one crazy stat that proves Pruitt was a better hire than Schiano.

Numbers don’t lie.

There’s no doubt that Schiano had better talent at Ohio State. And he didn’t face the same talent that Pruitt faced (Pruitt was the de facto defensive coordinator at UT last season, regardless of staff titles).

If Schiano had Ohio State at only No. 71 in the nation in total defense, there’s absolutely way he would’ve fared better at Tennessee.

Tennessee fans already knew, but I think this stat settles it. The Vols clearly made the right call.

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