2021 Tennessee Vols commit Isaac Washington won’t play high school football this fall, thanks to the postponement of the season in North Carolina.

The three-star defensive lineman, who committed to the Vols in March (for the second time), is instead focusing on getting ready for his arrival to Tennessee as part of the 2021 recruiting class.

“I’m still working out with my team, but I don’t plan on staying around for the season. They know I’m planning on leaving,” said Washington to Rivals this week, alluding to the fact that he won’t play high school football in the spring.

The Pilot Mountain, NC native told Rivals that he’s 100 percent committed to Tennessee, noting that he’s a big fan of Vols defensive line coach Jimmy Brumbaugh.

Tennessee Vols

Being 100 percent committed to UT, however, hasn’t stopped other programs from trying to flip the talented defensive tackle.

Washington said other programs are still hitting him up from time to time.

But the Vol commit isn’t giving them any attention. In fact, he’s not even responding.

“Some teams are still calling and texting me. I’m not going anywhere, though”, said Washington. “They text me and I leave them on read.”

You have to love that response if you’re a Tennessee fan. There’s really not a more savage response than that.

It’s one thing to tell a program you’re not interested. But to not even respond and leave them on read? That’s how you know Washington is already bleeding orange.

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