The Tennessee Vols officially finished the 2019-20 season with a 17-14 record.

Tennessee was scheduled to play Alabama on Thursday in the SEC Tournament, but the novel Coronavirus forced the cancellation of the event (along with nearly every other sporting event in the nation).

Sports have rightly taken a backseat to keeping others healthy in what has become a bizarre time.

But while it was disappointing to see the SEC Tournament canceled this year, there was at least something good that came out of it.

Vols forward John Fulkerson’s mom Ramona made the trip to Nashville to watch her son play Alabama on Thursday. When she heard the game had been canceled, she decided to change her plans.

Fulkerson’s mother decided to turn a trip to Nashville to watch basketball into a way to help the victims of the devastating tornadoes that swept across the area earlier this month.

It’s been a trying month. But it’s refreshing that people like Fulkeron’s mom Ramona are trying to be a bright light and help others.

Featured image via Steve Roberts-USA TODAY Sports

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