The NCAA announced this week that the recruiting dead period will extend through at least July 31.

This means that the valuable spring/summer recruiting/evaluation period has essentially been erased.

Tennessee Vols

But while recruits can’t take unofficial or official visits to programs, they can still see the campus at their discretion.

There’s nothing preventing a player from heading to any college campus to check things out.

And there’s nothing that prevents that player from face-timing a coach while they’re on campus.

In fact, that’s what a couple of North Carolina natives recently did at Tennessee. And one of those players, four-star athlete Kaemen Marley, committed shortly after the under-the-radar visit.

According to VolQuest, Marley, along with his teammate, 2022 athlete Osiris Ross, visited Tennessee’s campus last weekend and video chatted with various coaches and support staff members. UT reportedly told Marley and Ross some places to check out on campus.

Now, obviously Marley and Ross couldn’t go into buildings. And they couldn’t have in-person contact with the coaching staff. But they were still able to get a good feel for Tennessee.

This pandemic has thrown everything out of whack for recruits. So it’s understandable that players, along with coaches, have had to get creative during the recruiting process.

It’s just yet another example of Tennessee being able to adapt incredibly well to unprecetended circumstances.

Which is why the Vols are recruiting at such a high level these days.

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