When spring practice was canceled in March because of COVID-19, most college football players went home.

And because of the nationwide shutdown, resources weren’t readily available to most of the players who returned home.

Some players had access to gyms and fields, others didn’t. Players simply had to make do with what they had.

One of the players that had to make do with limited resources was Tennessee Vols kicker Brent Cimaglia, a senior who is originally from Florida.

Cimaglia returned to Florida during the shutdown and didn’t even have a field to utilize.

Kickers obviously need to stay sharp, so Cimaglia had to get creative.

“I didn’t have a field to kick on when I went back home. I was kicking, basically in a ditch in an open field and I was kicking toward the light post,” said Cimaglia last week during a virtual media session with reporters.

“In Florida, they have these big ditches. You couldn’t put a football field out there, but it was funny we went into Home Depot and we bought a little handheld grass cutter. We cut little squares where I can kick the ball without getting too much grass.”

Tennessee Vols

While that sounds like a situation that wasn’t exactly ideal, it actually made Cimaglia fall in love with football again.

“That time home and that time sitting in a ditch brought me back to my roots. It made football fun again,” said Cimaglia. “It’s honestly not about where you are, it’s doing what you love. Honestly, I had fun with it every day.”

I think we forget sometimes that football, at its core, is a game that’s supposed to be fun.

COVID-19 has brought everyone plenty of adversity, but it’s certainly nice to see some good come from this pandemic.

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