It might seem hard to believe, but the Tennessee Vols are already nearing the end of spring practice.

But despite the seemingly rapid pace of spring, Tennessee has settled into a nice groove in Jeremy Pruitt’s second season. The Vols still have a ways to go, but there’s definitely a different tone coming from Pruitt this spring than there was last year at this time.

However, while that’s certainly great news for Vol fans, that’s not the best news to come out of spring practice so far.

The best news is simply that Tennessee is relatively healthy right now. In fact, it could be argued they’re as healthy as they’ve been in years.

The Vols have been unable to avoid the injury bug in recent years, which has contributed to their lackluster record over the past decade (bad coaching hires aside). When the injuries have started piling up, Tennessee’s lack of depth has been on full display.

Pruitt and his staff have done a nice job of adding significant depth to the Vols’ roster, but they’re still not quite where they need to be. That’s why Tennessee probably can’t weather the storm if they’re hit with some injuries.

There’s a week and a half of spring practice remaining, plus this fall, but it’s still a good sign that Tennessee has made it this far in 2019 without suffering a litany of injuries.

Obviously, injuries are going to happen. They’re part of the game. But if the Vols can find a way to stay as healthy as their top rivals in the SEC, it will go a long way in helping them climb to the top of the SEC East.

Featured image via Bryan Lynn-USA TODAY Sports

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