On Thursday, I didn’t hold back when discussing Tennessee Vols athletic director Danny White’s comments about UT fans being negative.

I completely stand by what I wrote — I think Tennessee has the best fan base in college football. And I think there’s a lot of frustration built up because of how the last 15 years have gone for the program.

As Al Davis would say, just win baby — and the perceived negativity will disappear.

I mentioned this on Thursday, but I feel like it bears repeating — Danny White is a good athletic director. I think he’s going to do great things at Tennessee. I don’t agree with how he views the Vol fan base, but that doesn’t mean I think he’s bad at his job. Quite the opposite, actually.

Danny White show some self-awareness

White is a very self-aware guy. That was evidenced this week via some comments he made to VolQuest’s Brent Hubbs.

While discussing potential branding opportunities and game day experience ideas, White acknowledged that he doesn’t always great ideas.

“I have had a lot of terrible ideas,” said White. “I need people like Tom (Satkowiak) to tell me when it’s a terrible idea. I don’t come up with all of them (the good ideas).”

That comment shows a different side of White. He can come off a bit arrogant at times (he is the guy, after all, who claimed a national championship at UCF), but he’s self-aware enough to know what he’s good at and what he isn’t good at.

White has a difficult job at Tennessee. He has to improve UT’s football program, facilities, and perception at the national level. And he has to do all of that while managing fan expectations and staying true to Tennessee’s storied traditions.

That challenge, however, is why White took the job. Hopefully, he didn’t bite off more than he can chew.

Featured image via Randy Sartin-USA Today Sports/Tennessee Athletic Communications 

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