Every school in the nation would love to land a commitment from 2020 five-star tight end Arik Gilbert.

The Georgia native is rated in 247Sports’ composite rankings as the No. 2 player in the Peach State and the No. 1 athlete in the nation.

Gilbert has offers from nearly every “major” program in the country.

But only one program is offering Gilbert as a wide receiver.

That would be the Tennessee Vols.

Gilbert, at 6-foot-5/250 lbs, has the body of a tight end. But he has the playmaking ability of a wide receiver.

The elite athlete told Rivals recently that Tennessee is the only school recruiting him as a wide receiver. Gilbert said it’s “big” that UT wants him to play wide receiver, adding that he doesn’t want to be just a “blocking tight end”. He wants the chance to make plays.

It’s clear that Gilbert would like the opportunity to play wide receiver. So it’s a bit surprising that other programs aren’t at least discussing that opportunity with him.

Of course, coaches can make all kinds of promises during the recruiting process. They’re not obligated to keep those promises.

But this is where Jeremy Pruitt’s reputation and previous words come into play.

Pruitt publicly said last October that he wouldn’t put a player in a position they didn’t want to play. And he’s owned up to that comment.

Because of that comment, Gilbert can trust that Tennessee is truly recruiting him as a wide receiver, and not just giving him lip service to get a signature.

Pruitt isn’t going to make promises he can’t keep.

And that’s what Tennessee is set up to have sustainable recruiting success for the foreseeable future.

Featured image via Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

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