What’s the best job in college football?

And where does Tennesse rank among those jobs?

247Sports’ Barton Simmons and Brad Crawford recently ranked the top 25 jobs in college football and their list is a bit…..perplexing.

They ranked Tennessee as the No. 15 best job in the nation, just ahead of Michigan and Texas A&M. That part seems fair.

Some of the programs above the Vols, however, don’t make a lot of sense.

Here’s the 14 jobs that Simmons and Crawford believe are better than Tennessee.

14. Miami
13. Auburn
12. Penn State
11. Florida State
10. Texas
9. Notre Dame
8. Oklahoma
7. Florida
6. Clemson
5. Georgia
4. USC
3. Ohio State
2. Alabama
1. LSU

I understand LSU being at the top of this list. There’s a lot of elite talent in Louisiana and the Tigers have essentially built a wall around the state. Elite players don’t typically eschew LSU for another program.

But some of the other choices?

The argument for several of the programs is probably the in-state talent pool. There’s no doubt there’s more talent in Florida, Georgia, and Texas than there is in Tennessee.

But it’s not like Florida, Georgia, and Texas are automatically landing elite in-state talent.

Florida has to compete with Florida State and Miami for in-state recruits (along with plenty of programs at the national level). Georgia is competing with Alabama, Auburn, Clemson, Florida, and Tennessee. Texas has to compete with Baylor, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, and LSU (the Tigers are increasingly becoming a strong presence in the Houston area).

LSU is at the top. Ohio State is up there too. That’s probably tier one. And then tier two is Alabama, Auburn, Clemson, Florida, Georgia, Oklahoma, Texas, and Tennessee. Those programs all have an equal opportunity for success. They all have great tradition, facilities, and resources.

Just because Tennessee has been down on its luck in recent years doesn’t mean it’s not one of the top jobs in the nation.

I think we’ll see the way the UT job is viewed change a bit with Jeremy Pruitt at the helm.

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