The Tennessee Vols introduced Danny White as the program’s new athletic director on Friday.

That means that Tennessee’s search for a new head football coach is officially underway.

White spoke on Friday about the coaching search and how he will approach it.

And it’s clear this coaching search will be absolutely nothing like the last coaching search (which turned out to be a mega-disaster).

White’s first plan of action is to meet with the current team. The just-hired athletic director said he wants the team to nominate eight or nine team leaders. White then plans to meet with those team leaders to get an idea of what he needs to look for in Tennessee’s next head coach (he also noted that he won’t be discussing specific candidates with those team leaders, though I’m sure some names will be mentioned).

“I’ve never started a coaching search without speaking to the team,” said White. “I want to know what’s good and bad.”

From there, White will conduct an “expansive search” for a new coach. When pressed about qualifications for the new head coach, White was vague and didn’t specifically rule out a candidate without head coaching experience (he also noted that he’ll be meeting with interim head coach Kevin Steele on Friday afternoon).

Once White decides to hire a coach, he wants the team to be the first to know. In other words, don’t look for a lot of media reports/leaks during this process. And the stuff you do see will likely be coming from the agent side of things and not from within Tennessee’s athletic department.

White has run several successful coaching searches at Buffalo and UCF. He has the experience to make this a clean process that leaves Tennessee looking a lot better than the program did in 2017.

As for a timeline, there isn’t one — at least not officially. White declined to offer any specifics on when he thinks a new coach will be hired.

However, while White isn’t committing to a specific timeframe to have a new coach in place, I wouldn’t be surprised if this hire moves quickly.

Tennessee is clearly taking a different approach these days. And it already feels like UT athletics is a much better place than it was just a few days ago.

Featured image via UCF
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