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Nobody really knows how good the Tennessee Vols will be in 2018.

Most of that has to do with rookie head coach Jeremy Pruitt. We have an idea of what type of team he wants to field, but until the Vols actually play under him in a real game, we’re stuck guessing.

The consensus appears to be that Tennessee will win somewhere between five and seven regular season games. Taking everything into account, that’s reasonable.

But could the Vols win more?

Here are Tennessee’s chances of winning each game they play this season.

No. 1) vs West Virginia (Neutral Field)

Chance of winning: 7/10

This score has certainly been a slow burner.

On one hand, West Virginia returns its starting quarterback — Will Grier — and an assortment of weapons for him to throw to. Meanwhile, Tennessee’s secondary is arguably the team’s biggest question mark outside of quarterback.

Conventional wisdom suggests that the Mountaineers will put up 42 points and gain nearly 600 yards of offense. That’s a realistic possibility.

But if there’s anything we know about college football, it’s that opening weekend is wildly unpredictable. Without a preseason, teams don’t have an opportunity to work out the kinks in meaningless games, and let’s face it, West Virginia went 7-6 last season, not 15-0.

Maybe the score is too high because it’s Jeremy Pruitt’s debut as a head coach, and he didn’t exactly replace a juggernaut. Yet, I can’t help but think the Vols will attempt to limit West Virginia’s possession by running the ball.

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