The Tennessee Titans shocked everyone on Sunday with their dominating 34-10 win against the New England Patriots.

Even coming off a road win against the Dallas Cowboys, no one gave the Titans much of a shot to beat the red hot Patriots.

Mike Vrabel and defensive coordinator Dean Pees installed a defensive game plan designed to keep Tom Brady from getting comfortable. And offensive coordinator Matt LaFleuer called his best game of the year.

The Titans, who are now riding a two game winning streak, are only a game behind the Houston Texans in the AFC South. With the team showing some offensive life lately, it’s not unrealistic to think the Titans could emerge from their next five games as the leaders of the AFC South.

Tennessee’s upcoming five game stretch sets up nicely for the team. The Titans get the Colts on the road, the Texans on the road, the Jets at home, the Jaguars are home and the Giants on the road.

The Titans should be favored in three of those games (Jets, Jags and Giants). The other two games will be toss-up games. But they’re both very winnable games for the Titans.

Essentially, the Titans have a chance to make a lot of noise in the AFC in the next month.

But Tennessee’s been in this position before, and Vrabel didn’t exactly do a good job of keeping his team focused.

After the Titans’ 3-1 start, offensive tackle Taylor Lewan went on a diatribe about Tennessee not receiving enough respect from the national media.

The Titans proceeded to lose their next three games.

It’s not often that a rookie head coach is able to right the ship after a disastrous losing streak. The Titans looked like the worst team in the NFL in their losses to the Bills and the Ravens. But Vrabel kept his composure and was able to get his team back on the right track.

As a result, Vrabel gets a second chance to coach a “hot team”. The hope for the Titans is that Vrabel learned from his mistakes the first time around and can keep his team focused moving forward.

Fortunately for Vrabel, he’ll have some help in the locker room. Quarterback Marcus Mariota is well aware of what happened the last time the Titans enjoyed some success. He knows moving forward that his team can’t dwell on the win against the Patriots for too long.

Mariota isn’t the only Titan who’s aware of the pitfalls that potentially lie ahead. Defensive back Kevin Byard told Titans Online after the game “The last time we started feeling ourselves, we lost three straight games. So we can’t get caught up in the excitement. Every week it’s a different challenge.”

Vrabel’s done a nice job of turning the Titans’ season around. I have a feeling he’ll make the most of the “do-over” he’s been given in the wake of Tennessee’s winning streak.

It’s important to remember that Vrabel is still learning on the job when it comes to being a head coach.

But so far, he’s proved to be a quick learner that’s willing to adjust and adapt when necessary.

That’s a great sign for the future of the Titans.

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