The Tennessee Titans, despite a ridiculous amount of adversity, are off to a 2-1 start under new head coach Mike Vrabel.

But outside of Nashville, no one is giving the Titans much respect.

In ESPN’s latest power rankings, the Titans come in at No. 20, while the team they just beat, the Jacksonville Jaguars, come in at No. 4.

That doesn’t quite add up.

Both teams are 2-1 and the Titans beat the Jaguars head-to-head.

The only explanation is that Tennessee is being severely overlooked by the national media.

And I think that’s a huge mistake.

I had my doubts about Mike Vrabel before the season started. His short tenure as the defensive coordinator for the Houston Texans didn’t go very well. Plus he doesn’t have an extensive coaching history. It’s not that I thought he was destined to fail, I just felt there were a lot of unknowns with the former New England Patriots linebacker.

So far, I think Vrabel and his staff have done a marvelous job of navigating some extremely difficult waters. The Titans are dealing with a nerve injury to their franchise quarterback, both of their starting offensive tackles have missed games (right tackle Jack Conklin has yet to play after suffering an ACL tear in the playoffs last January), and they lost their star tight end to a gruesome ankle injury in the season opener against the Miami Dolphins.

Tennessee Titans

Yet the Titans are 2-1 and they possess a road win over a team (Jaguars) that many folks predicted would reach the Super Bowl this year.

Maybe it’s a good thing the Titans are flying under the radar. It takes a lot of pressure off the coaching staff and the players.

But then again, I don’t think it would matter with this team. As much as they’ve already faced, a little attention from the national media isn’t going to affect them.

Though if the Titans beat the Eagles this weekend, the attention from the national media will come. It will be impossible to ignore what’s going on in Nashville if the Titans finish September with a 3-1 record with wins against the defending Super Bowl champs and the defending AFC South champs.

I have a feeling ESPN’s power rankings will look a lot different next week if the Titans walk out of Nissan Stadium a winner on Sunday.

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