It is hard to judge a team this early in the season. When it comes to Tennessee Titans fans, I bet some are finding it difficult to trust their team given the many heartbreaks of the past.

Inconsistency has been the biggest battle for the team. Slow starts and fast finishes to the season has them at an endless loop of 9-7.

Now in 2020, they are 4-0, and excitement fills the air in Nashville. The excitement is justified, because this past Tuesday the Tennessee Titans gave you a big reason to believe in them moving forward.

A battle with the coronavirus kicked them out of their facility and prevented them from being together for two weeks. The team’s COVID list of coaches and players grew to 24, and their game versus the Pittsburgh Steelers was postponed.

Their game with the Buffalo Bills was moved back, and they were only allowed two practices to prepare for them. That put the Titans at a disadvantage versus a really good football team which was coming into Nashville undefeated.

Yet, the Bills left Nissan Stadium losers. Not only did the Tennessee Titans win, but they curb stomped the Bills into the turf on their way to a 42-16 route.

That makes it hard to count against them moving forward. The still-undefeated Tennessee Titans embarrassed a good team on national TV, despite historic circumstances.

The media is finally showing the Titans respect. But, can you trust this momentum? I’m going to tell you why you can.

Look here, Titans fan, I know you’ve had your heart broken before. I know you’ve endured times where they would beat the New England Patriots and lose to the Miami Dolphins. I feel your pain.

But, let your guard down. These Tennessee Titans can be trusted.

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill is having the best time of his career in Tennessee so far, and the Titans finally have a true wide receiver one. That, along with the sheer presence of Derrick Henry, has helped the Titans offense soar to new heights.

The offense is scoring 30.5 points per game, good for sixth in the league. And despite the narrative that Henry isn’t having a great season, the Titans are still ninth in the league in rushing yards per game.

Surprisingly, the offense is only ranked 16th in the NFL. Still, they are putting up points as good as anyone in the league, and points are what matters most.

On the defensive side, they aren’t too flattering. But, they are battling through some issues. They need Adoree Jackson back, first and foremost. That would solve the issues they’re having in the secondary.

They also need to find a way to get the pass rush home. Big time free agent acquisition Jadeveon Clowney has created disruption and pressure, but has generated no sacks.

Despite the struggles, the Tennessee Titans’ defense has done a good job at bending but not breaking when it matters most, and that’s a big reason why the Titans are 4-0. Once the defense finds their rhythm, the Titans will be a complete team.

So, trust the Tennessee Titans. The culture that Mike Vrabel developed in the locker room has the team tight and hard to break. The culture has been established, and it’s finally translating onto the field. The Titans are far from a fluke, so don’t let the media tell you otherwise.

Featured Image by Steve Roberts-USA TODAY Sports
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