There’s a reason folks don’t typically make a career out of picking NFL games (or games in any sport, really) — it’s incredibly difficult.

When picking a NFL game, you have to decide whether to go with the smart decision on paper, or the wild upset that’s probably not going to happen.

In the NFL, any team can win on any given week. Sure there are games that we pretty much know what will happen. I don’t think anyone would pick the Browns to beat the Rams. But if Cleveland were to win a fictitious game against this year’s Rams, it wouldn’t be THAT shocking.

There’s isn’t much difference in two teams that go 2-14 and 14-2. The talent is usually similar, it just takes a perfect storm of coaching and cohesiveness to have a great season.

That’s why the smart pick on paper isn’t always the right pick. For example, who thought the Dallas Cowboys would blow out the Jacksonville Jaguars last week?

You get the point.

Anyway, I went 10-5 with my picks last week, bringing my record on the year to 52-41.

I also correctly predicted the outcome of a Tennessee Titans game for the first time this season. Unfortunately for the Titans it was a loss against the Ravens.

On to week seven’s action!

Broncos 33 Cardinals 14

Chargers 31 Titans 13

Patriots 27 Bears 24

Colts 28 Bills 17

Jaguars 20 Texans 16

Lions 23 Dolphins 21

Vikings 30 Jets 23

Eagles 34 Panthers 24

Browns 27 Buccaneers 19

Saints 35 Ravens 20

Cowboys 31 Redskins 30

Rams 45 49ers 13

Chiefs 35 Bengals 27

Falcons 38 Giants 17

Featured image via USA Today


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