I’d like to think week four was my breakout week.

The first three weeks of the season, I went 8-8 with my game picks. This past week, however, I went 10-5. Quite an improvement (at least compared to my previous weeks).

But there is on oddity that continued — I’ve yet to correctly pick the outcome of a Tennessee Titans game this season.

Hopefully for the Titans I won’t be back luck for them this week, because I picked Tennessee to beat the Buffalo Bills on Sunday.

Anyway, I’m now 34-29 on the season, which isn’t where I wanted to be with my picks, but I’m getting closer to my goal of getting 75 percent of the games right.

Here’s what I have for this week.

Patriots 33 Colts 14

Chiefs 27 Jaguars 17

Titans 24 Bills 10

Steelers 28 Falcons 21

Packers 27 Lions 20

Broncos 19 Jets 13

Panthers 30 Giants 17

Bengals 31 Dolphins 23

Ravens 27 Browns 20

Chargers 26 Raiders 19

Rams 38 Seahawks 17

49ers 17 Cardinals 10

Vikings 28 Eagles 27

Cowboys 24 Texans 14

Redskins 34 Saints 31

Featured image via Oregon Live

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